Toolbox Shadowing Without Any Cutting Or Tracing?!

If you are like most tool guys out there, you probably do not really organize your tools as your toolbox looks like a real mess. Are we correct?

How to shadow a toolbox without tracing or cutting part 2

Probably. However, we know there are some of you that are all into organizing tools stuff. Therefore, this DIY toolbox video goes for you! It will show you how to add a bit of organization in your toolbox. All you need is foam and some tape, mostly. It may not be a personal assistant, but it will definitely exclude the days where you only had ONE piece missing from you box!

The process is known as “shadowing”, which basically means to spray foam on a cloth over your tools and thus make an outline of your tools. Be careful, you only want to outline the tools you really need and want them to take place in your DIY toolbox.

It is similar to the toolboxes that already have a set place for every tool. Only that this way you can make a toolbox as big as you wish and for every tool you want! It is an amazing DIY toolbox video that you have to watch!

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