Nontoxic DIY Car Cleaning Substance (Vinegar, Soda, Lemon Juice…)! Must Make This, Especially If You Have Kids!

Do you struggle with mess in your car? Do you drive your kids to school and all over town? Oh, do you have a pet? Is it a dog? Does it scrabble your seats? Believe us, we know the deal here! Car maintenance takes a lot, and if you are the type of people that does not have much time, we can see how car maintenance is hard for you. But, here is a mixture of ingredients you can easily find home, to make the perfect DIY car cleaning substance! To make this cleanser, all you need is the following.

Half cup of vinegar, or to be more precise 120 ml of the liquid. This easily home found ingredient is the master of removing germs, which is why it is often found better than bleach. Next up, fill up that bottle with a cup of good old Club Soda, or 240 ml. Then, pour half cup of nontoxic dish soap – 120 ml. For the final touch to make this DIY car cleaning substance, pour quarter cup of lemon juice, or in fact 60 ml. This bad boy will take off all the stains you have in your car as well as terminating all the germs. Try it and see how it works for you.

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