Seven Fascinating Top Cleaning Tips With Household Items! I Bet You’ll Try The Last One Straight Away!

Bathroom cleaning can be a really dreadful activity. It can be nasty, dirty and smelly! So, when the time comes for a cleanup, it`s downright depressing! For many of us, we just put this chore on hold as long as possible till it`s like so freaking nasty it becomes 1000 times worse! Then of course, eventually we come to the point when there is no other choice. So, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the bathroom cleaning business. However, when we do clean, we use harsh chemicals in which the enamel suffers a lot! Not to talk about our nose hairs… what a nightmare! Fortunately, in this next video, we have the 7 top cleaning tips that will make all of us very happy!

The YouTube channel HouseholdHacker tells us that it doesn`t necessarily have to be all that bad when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. They present to us 7 astonishing top cleaning tips. We said previously that chemicals make our nose bleed.

However, in this video, there are tips for all of us who are all about the natural cleaning methods. All you have to do is get a really strong batch of black tea. Then dip three bags of that black tea into an eight-ounce glass. Afterwards, put that black tea into a spray bottle and voila, you got yourselves an organic cleaning spray! This is a very efficient method for cleaning the glass and the mirror in your bathroom.

The black tea trick is not the only way of cleaning your bathroom by natural means. We have another cleaning trick here that is totally eco-friendly. It`s used for cleaning your toilet and it includes vinegar! As this YouTube channel states, it`s an efficient method for killing bacteria, germs, mold and line deposit!

Make sure to see the video, because these top cleaning tips will make your bathroom shine bright like a diamond!

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