8 Quick Tips for Hand Washing Your Car!

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If you are a car enthusiast or if you want to safe your money, hand washing your vehicle is always a good choice.  In order to show you the car cleaning procedure, we have lined up 8 tips that can help you out.

1. Don`t Use Armor All for Your Dash!

Some cleaning supplies can give your dash a glossy shine, but at the same time it attracts a lot of dust and it reflects the sun rays  I recommend cleaning the dash with mild detergent and then cleaning it once again with clean dry towel for the best matte look.

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2. Purchase a Chamois!

Chamois won`t leave the fibers after passing the surface and will prevent spots from water after hand drying the surface with it. So, I suggest to purchase chamois because is “Must Have” for hand washing the car.

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3. Car Soap is Essential!

The regular dish soap can be that strong to take of the polymers from the car`s body paint. Actually, these polymers are protecting the car`s body from fading, dulling and rust. So, car soap or shampoo is the essential for hand washing your car.

4. You Should Start the Hand Washing from the TOP!

As it is known the car is dirtier at the bottom then on the top, so you should leave the lover areas like rocker panels and the surface around the tires for the end. Starting from the top is the best solution because you will not climb the dirt from the bottom to the top, like if you are doing the opposite way.

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5. Wash the Car in the Shade!

I suggest washing your car into the shade. Washing it on the sun it can cause dirty, soapy water to dry on the surface very fast, which will cause water marks, streaks and soapy residue.

6. Do Not Forget Your Plates and Door Sills!

If you want to get the new car feeling after washing your car you should wash the door sills and license plates. However, your plates can begin to oxidize much faster than your car, so without cleaning it you will have old and rusty plates on the fresh cleaning car. You should use WD-40 spray to clean out eh rust and dirt and give a clean shine to your plates.

7. Toothbrush for the Smaller Areas!

An old toothbrush can help you clean the little holes on your alloy wheels, door handles and the other smaller parts of your vehicle.

8. Deodorize the Interior!

Using ripped on half dryer sheets for a couple of days in your car`s interior can match the clean look of your vehicle.

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