Street Test: Polaris Slingshot Trike! Is It Better Than A Motorbike?

Have you ever gotten in your car and thought “I wish this was smaller and more agile”. Well, you`re in luck! This is exactly what the new Polaris Slingshot trike is! It`s about the size of half a car, it has three wheels and pretty much everything else, but as the guy in the video clearly introduces it – it is not a small car, but a large, three-wheeled motorcycle. Whatever it is, it`s so cool and it looks like it would have a very comfortable ride as well! Well, soon enough you will probably be able to check that out for yourself!

The Polaris Slingshot Trike is awesome not only because it looks good, but because it doesn`t save on space, materials, professionalism in its design or performance. It has all of those and so much more! The driver is proud to present all of its amazing features as he drives it down a road he calls “The snake”, and if you watch the video you will see why – there isn`t a single longer stretch of straight road on it – instead, it`s all curves. Curves which, by the way, this tricycle handles perfectly, and all the myths about trikes being unsecure go down the drain.

At last, check out the craziest motorcycle hot rod ever built.