Gearhead Makes Hidden Garage In House To Avoid Legal Issues!

If you own a house that you are not allowed to do visible changes to it, integrating a hidden garage can be quite a challenge. However, this Audi Q5 owner came up with the greatest solution which is a pretty obvious one but hard to complete nevertheless.

Gearhead Makes Hidden Garage 9

So, if you are not allowed to do any visible changes to your house, integrating a hidden garage within the design is what you should do. This gearhead has managed to do exactly that and the results are flawless. We can`t tell how this exactly works, but people are having a serious debate on Reddit and other social media.

In the video below you can see the front of the house parting so it can allow the Audi Q5 to exit. When the doors close, no one can guess that there`s a garage lurking behind those walls. This gearhead did the perfect thing to avoid breaking the law. This authentic house is located in a small village in the Netherlands that goes by the name of Woudsend.

What we are curious about this innovative hidden garage, is whether this guy can place more than one vehicle inside. It looks like he can because that Q5 is placed far enough from the exit.

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