See What Happens When You Hit The Wall In This Awesome Racing Simulator! Feel Some G-Force!

Nowadays, virtual racing has become so popular that there are even high-dollar championships based around it. The state-of-the-art technology has also risen to an entirely different level. It feels so real that you can literally forget that you are just playing a game. It can simulate various types of motorsport disciplines like circuit races, rally, carts, Formula 1, etc, on many real life tracks. This simulator in the video below might be an older model with 3 legs instead of 4, but still, it is one awesome racing simulator. It`s got everything that you can wish for in order to deliver a quality racing simulation.

It features a professional racing seat, metallic pedals, a 3D LED display, racing steering wheel, rotation base and a stereo sound system. You feel unique vibrations when driving on tarmac and grass, inclination in curves and some G-Force when cornering, accelerating or braking. To prove how cool it is, this guy decided to show us how it feels when you hit the wall in this thing. Judging by the cockpit movement, you can really feel some hefty G-force when you crash in this thing. Maybe even more than 2G? Check out this awesome racing simulator in the comment section below and tell us your thoughts.

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