Take Notes People! This STATE TROOPER Has To Say Something About A Very Important CAR FEATURE!

Road safety is one of the biggest concerns for the police. This is why there are a lot of police officers on the road always on the lookout for reckless drivers. However, you don`t have to be a reckless driver to endanger the safety of others! One state trooper made a video about this issue and he talked about a car feature that can vastly increase the safety on the road! There have been numerous advancements on technology and vehicles in general, and this car feature is standard on every car! This remarkable piece of technology can prevent both crashes and road rage!

What is this genius car feature you ask? It is the turn signal! That is correct, that stick on the left side of the steering wheel that indicates which way you will turn! This state trooper is being a little bit sarcastic, but his point is clear. Many drivers out there forget the importance of the turn signal and might cause havoc if they do not indicate when they plan to turn! Every car has this feature, and it is meant to be used constantly! Watch the video below and see how precisely this state trooper explains how the turn signal works and what it does!

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