Invisible Driver Prank Using The Tesla’s Auto Pilot Feature! Totally Freaking People Out!

Imagine you are driving down the highway and seeing a vehicle with no driver inside? What will your reaction be? A lot of people have heard about the Tesla`s auto pilot feature by now. Tesla`s auto pilot feature can allow you to simply relax while the car literally drives itself. However, even in that scenario, there has to be someone in the car. In this one, YouTuber MagicofRahat decides to test people`s reactions. He came up with an invisible driver prank and took it onto the road using Tesla`s auto pilot feature. For people to think there is some ghostly driver behind the wheel, this YouTuber camouflages himself to look like he is a part of the car seat.

When people see the driverless car just magically rolling, we get many different reactions from various people. Some of them reach for their phones to record. However, many just can`t believe what they are seeing in front of their very eyes and continue to watch in awe. Nevertheless, each person has its own genuine confused reaction. The shock factor is huge in this one. Just wait for the end of the video. The greatest reactions come when this YouTuber takes off his costume and magically appears out of thin air. This invisible driver prank is some of the best pranks we have ever seen someone put onto the road. What will your reactions be in a scenario like this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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