Fastest Drag Race on Open Highway! GT500 vs ‘Vette vs GTR!

What we have here is an illegal fastest drag race on open highway in Mexico, between three legendary muscle cars: 2012 Ford Mustang GT500, 2007 Corvette ZO6 Pro-charged and 2013 Nissan GTR. It is all happening in a nice and quiet night down in Mexico that is somehow reminding on a scenario from a Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino film…

You have got your camera, your supercar and your bodies along with you on a chill out trip on a Mexican highway, and what could you possibly do but having a drag race, right? The quality of the video is not that good, but it is the content that counts, not the package.

And the content is very good. These guys really knows how to drive these monsters between the other cars and trucks and not getting hurt in the process.

All three of the cars are showing in a good light in the fastest drag race, all of them fast and with a perfect engine sound as their drivers are hitting the gas pedal. But damn, call me unbalanced, but that Nissan GTR seems to be untouchable!

Anyway, do you know about the strangest race in F1 history?

Enjoy the video below!

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