800HP Zo6 Corvette Supercharged: Insanely Loud! Must See!

Check out this INSANELY LOUD 800HP Zo6 Corvette that attracted a lot of people on a certain parking lot!!! This Supercharged Corvette has an engine that produces 800 Horsepower as the Z06 has the best EXHAUST SOUND ever to be heard on a car! As the wheels complete and suit the white body kit, many wonder about the EXHAUST SET UP! And the answer is simple -- PROCHARGER SETUP! Of course, a supercharger is best fitted for this BIG ENGINE! However, the Vette lot attracted 100 people in less than 4 minutes which sure says a lot about the AWESOME and POWERFUL sound!!!

Watch below this amazing video with this 800HP Zo6 Corvette Supercharged with Insanely Loud Exhaust. Turn on the speakers and enjoy the sound!

At last, this is one of the best design cars, aggressive Corvette on this link!