Spend The Night With Your Beloved In The Flying HOTELICOPTER!

People are ready to do everything when love is brought into question. They would do as much as they can in order to make the person besides them happier. So if you are in love, we think that we have a suggestion for you to surprise your dear. It is always a good idea, to take your better half on a romantic dinner and then to spend the night in a hotel. But now, there is something even more preferable. Why don`t you spend the night in a flying hotel room? Sounds attractive, doesn`t it? The airship you are about to see is built for the first time in the history of aviation. The name – HOTELICOPTER!

This aircraft possesses the opulence of a 5 star hotel! You have the chance to briefly see the rooms presented in the video in which you are going to have the night of your life! The Hotelicopter is built to look like the Soviet war machine Mil V-12. If you take a closer look, they really look alike. Now, when you are ready to book your room we are going to share one more piece of information with you. This whole HOTELICOPTER thing is the most successful APRIL FOOLS’ DAY PRANK EVER!

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