Look What He Did To His CHEATING Girlfriend With His TRUCK!

We love our girlfriends. But there is a saying “what is good must come to an end” which is not applicable in every case, to be honest! Yet sometimes the good things may end in an ugly way. Take for example this video. Watch how this guy shows his anger to his, now apparently, ex cheating girlfriend. We are sure that there must be some history behind this event. Actually, the driver`s friend, who shoots this video, warns the girls not to cheat on their boyfriends, because they can be witnesses of an unpleasant sight. Maybe the driver thought that this is the best way to make his revenge, and he has his friends supporting him by shooting the video.

However, this cheating girlfriend situation triggers the question about double standards. This video is a good example of that. When a guy does something to a girl, it doesn`t matter if he cheated on her or did else, in most of the cases they go for the car. Because of the fact that the guys are generally more emotionally attached to their cars than the girls, and then the girls get the support. So, do you think this guy is right?

On the other hand, see what an enraged girlfriend is capable of!