$6 MILLION FANCY FORD F750 PICK-UP Has A Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom & Beds For 6 PEOPLE! Is It WORTH IT?! You MUST See This World Cruiser On 4 Wheels!

You know that stunning homes on wheels are one of our weaknesses. There is no such pleasure than living like a king and travelling at the same time. That is why today we are so hyped up to introduce you one more astonishing and luxurious discovery — a mobile house that has everything one Gearhead king needs! Say hello to the stunning Ford F-750 World Cruiser pick-up truck, which building costs are around $6 MILLION!!! WOW right?! I bet now you`re wondering if this pumped up buddy is made from gold. Well, apparently it is not, but the Dunkel Industries` project has features like every modern house out there: fully equipped living room, contemporary kitchen, bathroom, dining area and sleeping capacity for 6 people – what else can you ask for? If you want to ride throughout the world in style, then this is the vehicle you are looking for!
This incredible world cruiser does have a lot to offer! Accommodation for 6 people, astonishing interior, and a Cummins diesel engine that puts out a 1200 foot pounds of torque are just some of the things this beauty offers. Its price tag might be high, but it is with a reason! But let`s do a reality check on this idea! Lots of the comments are that the price tag for this one-of-a-kind pickup truck with 4 tons of cargo capacity is just way too overrated. If you do the math, you will also conclude that for that amount of money you can buy a decent house and a pretty cool vehicle too. Anyway, feel free to get inside this extraordinary Ford F-750 by playing the video below and find out its real value at the very end! Would you like to travel in a truck like this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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