House Truck! Thought It Was Just Another OLD TRUCK, But This Thing TRANSFORMS To CASTLE In 10 Mins! I Could Live There FOREVER!

Just think about it, a house truck, in which you can drive around, then go to some quiet place, and simply unfold your home, your actual home! You could even bring friends to a portable house truck party, instead of having friends come over, you go to your friends with your house truck, really cool! We are sure many other things popped on your mind as we speak, so continue reading for more information on this House Truck!

For some people small space design is a challenge, for others is an opportunity to get created. You know that we are always interested in the latter and that is why we introduce you one amazing couple that has created something you have to see to believe it. Actually, Jola and Justin have made a compact truck that transforms itself in a HOUSE! And, that`s not all! It is not just an ordinary, boring looking house… it is a captivating CASTLE that increases the standards of what`s possible in small-space design.

So, here is the deal. When the CASTLE is all folded up Jola and Justin have a road legal truck, get travel around the world and live WHEREVER THEY WANT! The truck transforms itself in a really impressive and spacious 2-storey house with a living room, gorgeous kitchen, Yin Yang looking toilet, cozy bedroom and a sweet rooftop with a BATHTUB that offers amazing views. But after watching all the other small parts and creative features that this house has you will definitely be left with your mouth on the floor. This thing has a FIREPLACE inside, solar panels on the roof and gas. Actually the family has everything necessary to even go live in Antarctica!!! Great work and very creative! Bravo!

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