Mom My LAPTOP Transformer Had Flown Away Again!

Imagine this situation: Ordinary day. You are working on your laptop and suddenly, that thing of yours starts to transform in an aircraft that leaves your home with all that data inside. Is it hard to imagine? Or you do not even want to imagine this? Not till now. Check out this amazing video, made from brilliant animators that capture the world when today`s technology will have the ability to transform itself into something greater. In this case we have a laptop transformer that turns into an aircraft.

But what if we had a fridge that turns into a car? Or a bed that transforms itself into a motorbike? Whatever your imagination is, we just hope that days like that will come in near future and till then we can enjoy in this superb animation that capture that future state that may occur.

Finally, if one day this situation comes true, we should thank these guys for their concept and idea, to have this kind of laptop that may fly away. And hopefully come back home.

Have fun with this laptop transformer that will surely make your day and do not forget to leave your comments and opinions for this “transformers” that future may bring.

Enjoy the video below!

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