The BEST Camaro Transformer Costume EVER! That Thing Is So COOL!

Looking forward to Halloween? Or maybe a themed party? If your answer is yes, we have the perfect solution for your night out! It is a costume that will make you be the star of the night! Especially if you are a Transformers fan! In this video you have the chance to see how easy is to transform yourself into Bumblebee! At the beginning the yellow Camaro looks pretty authentic. But if you take a closer look you will see that something is not right. First it is small, which makes you think it is an RC car. But after several seconds, this car TURNS into something unexpected! Even though it looks like an RC car, it is definitely not! It`s actually a person dressed as a yellow Chevrolet Camaro! To our surprise, the Camaro transformer stands up and takes a fighting stance! We are certain that the guy dressed up in this costume is a huge Transformers fan!

One of the most recognizable cars from this movie franchise is the yellow Chevy Camaro called Bumblebee, so we aren`t surprised this guy decided to dress himself up just like the character. To make things even more authentic, as soon as he “transforms“, sounds from the movie are used! The costume is really well made and it gives the feeling that we are seeing the real Bumblebee! You have to admire the love some people have for their favorite movie characters. Even though Bumblebee is a car, this doesn`t stop fans from creating their own Camaro transformer costumes! The least we can do is share the video with you guys so you can enjoy. So hesitate no more! Check out this real Camaro Transformer Costume in the video below!

By the way, this thing is produced by Robot Costumes USA, LLC and it is available on their web site