The EASTRACT Vehicle Handler Revolutionizes The Way Your Car Is Transported!

When your car malfunctions and you need your car transported as soon as possible, the service that arrives on spot is sometimes having difficulties recovering your car with their conventional vehicle handler.

Spectacular EASTRACT Vehicle Handler 5

The reason for this can be a variety of factors. However, it looks like some of these difficulties can be overcome by one spectacular vehicle handler that was recently noticed in the UK. In this first video, one Range Rover driver needed his SUV to be recovered but they failed miserably. After 20 hours of despair, the Manchester Breakdown Services LTD showed up with this spectacular car handler called EASTRACT. Where the previous conventional methods failed miserably for 20 hours straight, this car handler managed to do it in just minutes. No more dillydallying

The EASTRACT vehicle handler can recover all kinds of conventional cars that weigh up to 2.5 tons. No matter if your vehicle is stuck in an awkward position or just can`t run, this piece of equipment will handle it without any problems whatsoever. Having said that, this operator uplifts the vehicle and transports it to its designated location including offloading without even touching or entering the car. This can be also perfectly used for police forensic work without destroying evidence. EASTRACT can also travel everywhere with its large tracks. Having said that, if you are stuck somewhere while off-roading, this car handler is the perfect solution. This machine is petrol powered and it has full remote operation. It`s fitted with a hydraulic winch in order to assist recovery.

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