This Guy Built An Incredible Mini CHEVY NOVA With Metal Body!

One reason why we love our job is the fact that we get to see amazing people create amazing stuff every fricking day! That`s a reason good enough to stand by itself. However, the concrete thing we are talking about right now is this mini Chevy Nova built by this guy who actually used metal body and all. He is even driving it with his head peeking out through the sunroof! It`s just hilarious. And another great thing about this innovation is that this is a unique creation built out of raw materials! It is not a bought set up that has been modified – this is a real custom build all the way!

Classic Mini Chevy Nova Miniature 7

No engine is not so innocent as well. According to our information it is powered by a 250 cc engine. This one completes his share of work as it has a 5 speed gearbox to be its partner! In this promo video, the driver informs us that he only managed to hit the 3rd gear, leading us to believe there is a lot more to it!

Take a look at this Classic Mini Chevy Nova and join the world of amazing creations! Cheers.

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