BOSE Suspension System vs CONVENTIONAL One!

We know that you have probably heard of the BOSE corporation! We are also sure that you have heard of it as a company that deals mostly with audio systems! Well, you were right and wrong at the same time! This Massachusetts based company made a video were you will see how fantastic their BOSEĀ SUSPENSION SYSTEM is!

The company spent 25 years in research just so they could have a new approach to automobile suspension! Their system delivers better comfort and greater control and offers you a much smoother ride than any luxury sedan has to offer you!

This system uses proprietary software and linear electro-magnetic motors so it could control each wheel the best! This video is not all about BOSE bragging about their Bose suspension system, but gives you a comparison between their suspension system and a conventional suspension system!

You will see how the dents on the roads are no longer an obstacle with the Bose system while the conventional system still seems to have troubles with that one! As Csaba Csere said on 2004 for “Car and Driver”, “No more compromise between ride and handling, rough roads and smooth roads, high speeds and low speeds!

If you want to know more about Bose’s suspension system, follow this link!