Snow Cleaning in NORWAY Looks Quite Easy With The FASTRAC Tractor! PURE EXCELLENCE!

It has been a while since we`ve last been in Europe. You might remember the time we had a little Truck towing in Norway, it was summer then. On the other hand, what we are about to show you now is how Norwegians perform the act of snow cleaning! We were already fascinated couple of weeks ago by the Canadians, who did an excellent job cleaning the streets of Toronto from snow. But this time it`s time to see how to handle snow cleaning on an off-road terrain like the one in the footage you are about to see!

Norwegians decided to use the FASTRAC! This powerful tractor is able to go fast in any condition given and plough all the snow that is needed! The FASTRAC is especially popular with European farmers. Because, they frequently need to drive far in order to get to the fields they are working on. What makes the FASTRAC so exceptionally unique is the suspension. The front suspension features a setup of four links with a panhard rod and an anti-roll bar. At the back of the suspension an anti-roll bar is used on a triangulated link. Because of this magnificent suspension, the FASTRAC can be fast without killing the operator. The FASTRAC also doesn`t lack the comfort department.

It features an air suspended seats and when we add the beautifully designed brake disks you get the ultimate driver comfort (for a tractor that is).Once you see it go, you will remain shocked! No matter how narrow or dangerous the road looks like, FASTRAC is in-and-out in no time! Just check out the video and snow cleaning at its best! Who knows, after a video like this, you might even get the desire to start ploughing yourself! However, if you ARE considering it, we would not recommend a shovel. Try out the FASTRAC – it gets things done!

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