WILL HE PULL OUT? The TRUCK Got Rescued by A Towing Vehicle After Five Hours! Lack of Skills Or…?

After watching the extreme truck driver delivering wood – let`s watch something even more ridiculous! While we are still in Europe, let`s go a little bit further North – in Norway! We have an interesting video that shows us a towing vehicle trying to pull up a stuck heavy loaded truck! The situation is getting even more complicated since the truck is confronting an uphill filled with curves besides being loaded to the maximum! What interests us the most is – How did anyone come up with the idea to load up a truck that much and then make it ride those rocky areas?! Although we can see from the video that the truck in sake is a Volvo – also considered as the most powerful truck in the world – this particular one isn`t equipped with a 750hp engine! Therefore, it is a madness to challenge it this far! It was sheer luck that the truck driver was not hurt in this whole accident! This will probably teach him a lesson of a lifetime!

Some experienced lorry drivers say that this problem could be easily solved if the driver knew what he was doing. However, the problem got solved eventually. The only thing is it took 5 hours for it. Although the truck driver might be late wherever he is headed, at the very least he will get to his destination. He will definitely think twice from now on about the way he drives a fully loaded truck! Especially when the roads are curvy! Nonetheless, we must applaud the towing vehicle for a job well done, and its driver for his persistence! Be careful how you drive your truck people! Check out the video and make sure that you never find yourself in a situation like this one!

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