How To Save A FLOODED Car – These Tricks Might Save Your Vehicle!

If you just found yourself in a FLOODED Car, you`re probably not having the best of days.

How To Save A Shortly Submerged Car 2

Scotty Kilmer has been a car mechanic for the last 50 years and he has some advice when it comes to repairing a flooded car. Most of these things should be done before starting the car, so make sure to keep it turned off! First, you want to see if the engine transmission got water in it, so you check the oil dipstick and see if it`s been flooded. If you see a regular oil mark on it, it probably doesn`t have water in it, but if you notice a way overfilled mark, you`re going to need to switch out the oil and change the filter to give it a chance.

The same thing applies to your transmission fluid in a freshly submerged car. Check your fluid to see if it`s overfull with water inside. If it is, drain it and put new fluid in it. Also, you`ll need to check the air filter to see if it`s wet. If it is, you are now sure water got in the engine so take it out and take out the spark plugs as well. This is because you need your engine to eject any water inside of it through the spark plug holes. When the engine throws out all of that water, make sure that you put the spark plugs back inside and try starting your car again. You will need to be patient and persistent but you`ll probably get it to work.

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