IRIDIUM Is The Future Of The Best Spark Plugs!

When developing new and improved car parts, each company is striving for supplying the best product thus gaining the trust of their customers, and such trust might be gained by the best spark plugs which look like they are from the future.

Future Of The best Spark Plugs 2

Moreover every car owner wants to get the part for their car which is going to last the longest and is proven to be of high quality. In the following video we take a look at new type of the best spark plugs created by a Turkish company. This guy demonstrates the difference between the old ones and these. Though they look nearly identical, there is surely a huge difference between them. There is a whole package on the table and he opens a brand new just for the test.

He has a special tool which helps him test them easily. First the old ones are tested and demonstrated how they work. We all know that i.e. there is sort of very fast flashes which are the sparks themselves. Then he puts the brand new spark plugs on the tool and as he presses the button we see a constant flash and a sizzling sound which is very different from the old ones. Though there is not much information about the prize nor where we can get them, they are surely going to achieve great success on the market in the upcoming years. The video is fairly short but it is enough to convince anyone in their high quality. What do you think, will you get them for your car?

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Posted by MotiveJapan on Saturday, August 5, 2017