IT’S A LAW! Electric Powered LICENCE PLATE Hides With The Push Of A Button!

In the state of Virginia for example, you need to have a front license plate on display at all times. However, you just love to take your good-looking car to shows, but that hideous license plate bracket ruins the look. You figured that a front no-drill license plate can do the trick, but taking off that plate each time can be painful. So what you need is an ultimate solution. We think there is one in the video below. You can see a demonstration of an electric powered license plate frame. It`s a system that allows you to have and not have a license plate at the same time.

Electric Powered License Plate Frame Shows Hides Button 4

With you are driving around town with this electric powered license plate frame everything is good and you are totally legal. When you go to a car show all you have to do is click the button and it folds away. Nobody can spot that it`s there. Installation is pretty straight forward. You need to wire in the power of the remote receiver on the battery.

Then drill two pilot holes and bolt it up. Lastly, make sure it doesn`t hit anything when it folds in and out. We think this is pretty rad. What is your opinion?

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