Fake RC License Plate Covers! Can These Really Be Used?! Thoughts?

Check out these Fake RC Licence Plate Covers! Although we live in a world where everything can be seen there are still a lot of appearances that can surprise us! We see that our lives are eased a lot due to the new technology and the modern world we live in! It is not even weird to summon your car out of the garage anymore using a remote control! Remote controls are playing a huge role in our lives, RC cars and RC planes and boats are in our everyday lives making our days happier and more cheerful!

Fake RC Licence Plate Covers

Well, here is another thing a remote control can do. It can hide your licence plates by covering them with a black, solid plastic which covers and uncovers the plates with a single touch of a button! You could use this in many occasions.

Now we are not saying that you should use this for illegal actions, but impressing your neighbors sure comes in mind! And just imagine your kids when you show them you licence plate which extinguishes from time to time! Amazing right?! Get down to the video and feel free to comment!

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