Denso Iridium Spark Plug Has No Trouble Going From 1000 to 10 000 RPM!

When you buy spark plugs, you buy the best quality available, of course – and the folks that made this video think you should do the same. That`s why they`re showing us the Denso iridium spark plug in action. Namely, this spark plug can apparently take a lot of heat. It starts out slow, as slow as it would go when your car was only at 1000 RPM, which is the resting RPM for some cars. Then it gradually speeds up by a thousand, and while you could hear the different clicks of electricity at the beginning, you definitely can`t hear them when it maxes out!

This Denso iridium spark plug can withstand extreme speeds which are only seen in non-stock cars, and we can see that at the end of the video. It reaches an extreme 10,000 RPM and you can no longer discern the sound of electricity from any normal, high-pitched buzzing. I know what I`m getting the next time I`m supposed to change my spark plugs! Right now, I have these little things that break every now and then but if the Denso iridium spark plug can withstand all of that, that`s the one I want to buy.

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