Destroying Engine At 10,000RPM! No Mercy! These Guys Must Really Hate Their Engine!

There are many times when we feel angry and are funneling all of that anger into our four-wheeled pets. However, we can safely say that none of us here went this far inflicting pain to our cars.┬áDestroying engine like this is very stressful to watch…

Destroying Engine At 10000RPM hate engine 3

At the end, we come to the conclusion that our poor car is not at fault. However, what these people are doing is completely insane. Either destroying engine for pleasure or fun, this move is meant to slowly but surely obliterate it. They are tormenting the engine without head. Yap, they removed the head only to observe the pistons moving while the engine is screaming for mercy.

Maybe these guys bought the engine with the sole purpose to push it to the limit and study its endurance? We may never know. However, what we do know is that this Rover managed to endure all of this torture. It will surprise you all as it proved everyone that it`s a very tough boy who is unwilling to quit no matter the situation.

Just when you think these guys can`t go any further destroying engine, you will be proved wrong. Check out the video below and witness what else these guys have in store for this poor engine.

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