Sealing Car and Filling With WATER! Still Drives!

Colin Furze this time tried sealing car and than filling it with water… so, believe it or not the car still drives. It’s  a pity he destroyed very beautiful BMW E30 with nice set of Recaro seats. However, the car could be already almost dead anyway. I wonder how much he will ask for the panels, bumper and the steering wheel… because I own BMW 325i E30 already.

Sealing A Car and Filling With WATER 2

He filled all the gaps and holes of this 28 years old car and than he fills it up with water. The car than had more than one ton extra weight due to the water inside. I just wonder what will happen if he take his car filled with water as it is, to his insurance company and ask for a claim…

We could also suggest something else. After he is done, he should maybe crash test the car in some crash test center like Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme). Therefore, we could see if the water makes the car more safe for surviving in accidents.

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