BMW E30 S54 Turbo Drifts Through The Race Track!

When you think of a BMW E30 S54 Turbo with over 1000 horsepower, you think of a beast capable of handling anything, right? That`s exactly what this guy proved when he rolled out his monster on the race track, and trust me, nobody in the audience was surprised at how amazing this car looked. This guy revs up the engine as much as he can and just lets the beast roar as he smokes up the entire track, leaving the other cars to choke on the smoke in the back. I bet they won`t be forgetting this race or this incredible car!

Anyway, when buying a BMW E30 S54 Turbo it`s pretty clear what you`re getting – a race track monster that will put you up at the front, if you`re good enough of a driver to handle it. This guy was very clear in his intentions, much unlike the smoke he left behind. So, to prove how determined he was, he kept the car and himself in drift mode throughout the race, cutting curves like they`re nothing and ending up on top in the end. Check out this incredible video to see him and his beast of a BMW in action!

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