Feeling Up For A Crazy Drift Face Off? DRIFTING TRUCK Vs BMW E30 PROTO DRIFT BATTLE?!

Drifting truck Vs BMW E30 Proto drift battle – if that doesn`t sound appealing enough, and do not have the power to `giggle` your interest, it means that you do not belong in the world of Gearheads, and that you are reading the wrong website! Wouldn`t you agree with me?! It might sound a bit overconfident, but given the fact that in all these years that we `hang out` together, I believe that we know each other quite well. And when it comes to the subject of drifting and drift battles, there are not many things that could raise one`s adrenaline rush, as a standoff between such a powerful and different opponents!

Drifting is attractive enough on itself, even when we get to see only one, but ultra-powerful and fast car, that`s raising hell on the street. Let alone when there are two insanely cool opponents, that are going toe to toe, and trying to display their great drift-driving skills. So, prepare yourselves for something that`ll skyrocket your pulse!

The video clip of this crazy drift battle comes from Italy, where one of the best known Italian drifters, Daniele Quercioli and his epic Iveco Trurbostar 48 V8 truck, took the challenge of Riccio Rix, and his BMW E30 Proto. Both rides are very powerful, and both men are quality drivers, with insanely cool drifting skills. The Iveco Trurbostar 48 V8 truck, aka Romagna’s Roar, is powered by a system known as the Eletrolisi, which produces hydrogen that`s directly injected into the motor`s intake.

But, it`s one thing to `talk` about the vehicles, and the men behind the wheels, and it`s completely another to see them in action on the tarmac. Thus, this is where we stop with the words, and leave you to watch the following clip in peace, and enjoy the show! So, have a good time my fellow drift aficionados.

And when you`re done with it, and you want to continue with more drift battle action, go to this link, and see something that`s also very thrilling!