Meet The Russian Ken Block! Sergey Kabargin With His 900HP Supra Shreds The Streets Of Saint Petersburg!

Saint Petersburg is a city of thousand lights. It`s a city which doesn`t stop even for a minute. Sergey Kabargin is a professional Russian drifter who fits in very nicely with St. Petersburg`s rhythm of life. He is also making quite a name for himself. Especially after the Evil Empire drifting team released this video which shows him shredding up the tarmac of Saint Petersburg. He really is the Russian Ken Block. However, unlike the glorious Hoonigan, his weapon of choice is one breathtaking 900HP Toyota Supra. You also won`t notice any people doing their daily activities on Ken Block`s Gymkhanas.

In this type of events, the circuit is usually fenced off, but not in Russia. The Russians are not afraid at all. They are watching the whole spectacle whilst sitting extremely close to the action, watching in awe. There are also many parked civilian cars which were not removed. This epic drifting video will really keep you on your toes. It`s a dangerous, but very genuine stint. During his awesome sliding stint, Sergey reached very tasty slip angles, while managing to cover the St. Petersburg streets in tire smoke. This video promotes drifting in one very awesome way. Check out the Russian Ken Block in the video below, and tell us what you think.

At last, follow this link to watch the last drifting mastery by Ken Block in Gymkhana 9!