Insane Ken Block London Video! The-King-Of-Sideways Is Taking Matt Le Blanc On One Crazy Drifting Ride!

Of course, there are less nauseous, intrusive and quieter ways of exploring the marvelous city of London. However, Ken Block has a different notion. He prefers to do his sightseeing a bit moreā€¦ sideways! In this crazy Ken Block London video, the-king-of-sideways gives Matt Le Blanc the tour of a lifetime. What`s Ken`s weapon of choice? The monstrous 845HP, modified, four-wheel-drive Ford Mustang “Hoonicorn” built by RTR. Better than the classic open-top London bus, right? This was filmed for the recently revamped Top Gear. For this endeavor, BBC closed many streets in downtown London. Thank you BBC, money well spent.

Earlier this year, Ken Block with his pre-twin turbo Mustang Hoonicorn, was drifting in some parts of London where apparently they shouldn`t have. This caused quite the outrage. The BBC was forced to edit those parts out. Because of this, a lot of the drifting adventure was gone. However, now the BBC finally released the rest of the footage in one awesome 10 minute film. A very exciting director`s cut which shows Ken Block echoing through the magnificent streets of London. One difference from the usual Gymkhanas, is that here Block actually talks. He had to tell Matt LeBlanc not to press the large, red button. Sit back, bump up those speakers, and enjoy this insane Ken Block London video.

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