“Climbkhana”! Ken Block Unveils His Brand New 1400HP Ford Hoonicorn V2 In Insane Drifting Actions At PIKES PEAK!

With this short teaser video, Ken Block unveiled its evolved Hoonigan machine which is based on a ‘65 Ford Mustang – The Ford Hoonicorn V2! The first edition of the bespoke car was already one of the most insane builds ever seen. It has a scratch-built chassis fitted with a 6.7L naturally aspirated V8 engine delivering 845HP to all wheels. The question is: how can you top a car like this? The answer is two turbos and the polite help of methanol. The methanol-sipping engine is force-fed by a twin-turbo setup. This combination sends 21 psi of boost into the car. The result is 1400HP which sounds terrifying.

In this teaser, we can see exactly what those 1400HP of the Ford Hoonicorn are capable of as Ken Block does some tire-slaying. He turns the firm, black rubber to puffy, soft white clouds as he roams around one amazing hill climb. Block is drifting around corners to a staggering 14,000 feet of elevation. They are calling this work of art Climbkhana. It`s really astonishing to witness that kind of driving ability and power on such a fantastic mountainous driving road. We can`t wait for the whole feature to be released. This magnificent version of Gymkhana is setting the driving skill to an entirely different level.

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