Kids Got Back Their Parents’ Their Long Lost 1965 FORD MUSTANG!

In most cases, it is really the parents who are getting a car-surprise for their kids. But sometimes, even though not that often, we have examples like this one, when the younger generation of the family proves to be really loyal and dedicated, and do something very special and extraordinary for their parents. However, this case is actually pretty special and it would be wrong to put it together with the other examples, when kids do something similar, because, as you are going to see it yourself in just a few moments, this is something truly rare and worth of admiration! We give you the 1965 Ford Mustang Story!

Heather Goetz and Michelle Wolter are sisters, whose parents drove out from their wedding, fifty years ago, in their brand new 1965 Ford Mustang. Their father took all the money that he had saved, and gave it as a down payment and signed an additional deal to pay $56.13 per month, to get that Ford Mustang, which according to Michelle and Heather`s words, used to be The car to have. And the `65 “Stang stayed in the family for a few years, their parents drove it regularly, it also became the car on which the kids used to learn how to drive…in other words, it was an integral part of the family. Until one day when they had to sell it!

And now, many years later, Michelle got a tip by a former co-worker, and she found her parent`s car, the very same 1965 Ford Mustang, restored in a broker`s warehouse in Pittsburg. So together with her sister, they have bought it as a present for their parents` 50th anniversary! What an awesome surprise, wouldn`t you agree?

Check out the video and see the car and find out more about this touching and emotional story! And if you want to find out and learn more about the 1965 Ford Mustang, click here.