1965 Ford Mustang Sculptures Made By The Artist Robin Bark!

The celebration on the occasion of Mustang`s fiftieth birthday is ongoing, and this round it is swimming into the enormous and vast ocean of fine arts. Robin Bark, an artist coming from England, is the official license holder of Ford motor company. She is in charged to make create five hundred `65 Mustang limited edition in order to properly celebrate Mustang`s fiftieth birthday. The five hundred Mustang sculptures are gonna be wrapped in aluminum. They also gonna be polished, ordered in numbers and of course their creator is gonna sign them.


Robin commenced  the project presenting a bunch of cool pics of the amazing `65 Mustang. Those photos turn into sketches, and the sketches turn into cool sculptures.

You will be amazed by the look at these amazing Sculptures on this link!


A special maker of patterns is gonna receive the resin `65 Mustang model. Just 10 raw castings of aluminum are made at a time, because Robin works with a special material, found only in Guildford.

Since the castings are polished, their final form is sent off to Robin. She numbers and signs them as it supposed to be. They are being carefully tucked into a wooden box. Robin Bark is treating them like they were her own children. Her babies received a lot of attention. It seems that Mustang enthusiasts all around the world are loving them. We cannot see why not.

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