Running has always been the number one sport activity that improves the overall health condition of the body. With a developed habit of running at least 3 times a week, one can gain numerous benefits such as stronger bones and muscles, the cardiovascular fitness is constantly improved, plenty of calories are burned, etc. However, people still hesitate to maintain this healthy habit. The majority of the reasons are related with the pains gained after the exercises. But, today you will have no more excuses to skip a half an hour of running, as we have a brand new innovative product on the market – THE BIONIC BOOTS!

With the help of these interesting extensions, people can now run faster (at the moment up to 40 km/h) and run more, because the Bionic Boot lowers the body pressure done during running. As the boot touches the ground, the 18-inch lever stretches the springs. Then, as they contract, the lever fluctuates through a pivot past the heel, releasing into the air the base lever and making the user bounce. The shorter toe lifter has a rubber and foam grip, which gives the ability to run over rough terrain!

So, hesitate no more. Click on the video below and see how the Bionic Boots function in real life.

Plus, if you want to learn more about the product, or to buy it for $265, click here to visit the official page of the company.