The Remote Controllable Lifesaving Buoy Is The New Must-Have For Boating!

When you`re with your friends on a boat and someone doesn`t know how to swim, it does put pressure on the rest of you, doesn`t it? You have to watch if they fall over or somehow end up in the water. Well, fear not, because this mechanized, lifesaving buoy is here to make everyone`s day better! Just throw this lifesaver into the water and direct it via remote control towards the person who thought the water was a good place for non-swimmers. Tell them to grab onto it and put their heads above water and just drive it right back to you!

If you`re thinking that this lifesaving buoy is pretty heavy for having a mechanized part and probably a motor, you`re wrong! This thing is very lightweight and can be thrown in the water from literally everywhere. Also, it comes with its own remote control so you don`t have to worry about getting your phone wet. It has a shape that allows it to carry the drowning person back to your boat in a variety of positions, depending on their current physical state. However, whichever position the person chooses will be fine since this lifesaving buoy will bring them back to safety either way.

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U Safe

A lifesaving buoy that can drive itself around in the water by remote control.

Posted by GIGadgets on Sunday, February 5, 2017