A Very Cool Bike Design By Hubless Called The CYCLOTRON! I Want It Now!

Sometimes we want to take a break from driving and do a bit of bicycling. Bicycling is a great activity that brings a totally new perspective! You get to see the city in a way that is no possible by driving a car! It is a very healthy activity as well! By pedaling at only 10 mph, cyclist can burn up to 400 calories in just an hour! Don`t get us wrong, driving a car is awesome in its own respected way! However, adding a bit of diversity and one extra healthy activity in your life can`t be bad! Being hardcore muscle car enthusiasts here, we don`t report on the world of bicycling that often. However, what we got here will definitely grasp your attention! It is one very cool bike design called the Cyclotron.

We`ve all made fun of those old school bicycles with huge front wheels! However, soon enough, it looks like we`ll make fun of the current modern bicycles that have spokes and wheels that doesn`t light up! We are saying all of this because of the new cool bike design by Hubless! The bike called Cyclotron, that you are about to see in the footage below, will change your view on the pedal-powered transportation forever!

The Cyclotron is a very cool bike design thanks to its airless tires and the lightweight carbon-fiber frame that is full of sensors! As you ride this awesome bike, it displays trip statistics such as cadence, speed, distance, altitude and slope! Along with these statistics it shows you info about your heart rate, calories burned and battery! Naturally, the Cyclotron is able to connect with your smartphone through a special app! The Cyclotron app offers navigation, coaching, low-power warnings and even theft prevention!

Hubless plans to deliver this cool bike design next June! However, you can still pre order the 12-speed version for $1,300 and the 18-speed one for around $1,550!