ROAD BIKE FREESTYLE By The One & Only Vittorio Brumotti!

Just WOW! Only compliments to the Italian master bike rider who apparently learned how to ride his bike before he learned how to walk! His performance in the video below is absolutely mesmerizing and full of surprises! Once you think that`s it, he`s done it, cannot do something better, he immediately disproves you! These are the characteristics that make Vittorio Brumotti a top class biker! He is so good that you simply must watch the ROAD BIKE FREESTYLE video over and over again!

In this video, you are going to see him riding his bike at rather unusual places for riding a bike in ways you can only fantasize about. He starts the unbelievable performance at a quarry where he worms up by flipping in the air! Next, he continues the ride at an airplane graveyard and on the city streets. Here, he rides his bike on the front wheel but not as you think. After this, he performs a few more incredible stunts and heads towards the woods. When he finishes his playtime in the woods, he is back in the urban environment, but this time on the open road where he pulls out the most spectacular trick ever – riding his bike ON the road fence!

If you are looking for more epic ROAD BIKE FREESTYLE scenes with Vittorio Brumotti, follow this link to visit his official website.