Amazing wave Riding and ACROBATIC SURFING STUNTS!

We have pointed out many times how we adore and appreciate all kinds of skills, especially the extreme ones! It is not a rare thing here at to see a video including biking, skating, grinding or drifting! We are extreme-friendly if you know what we mean! However, it is time for SURFING!!! We all what it is, we all like watching it, some of us even practice it! But, what stunned us the most here, is this couple, performing incredible stunts on the waves! As people would say it these days, THESE TWO ARE performing surfing stunts LIKE BOSSES!

This is no ordinary surfing, this is a whole new sport, a whole new department of amazingness! Maybe we could call it – ACROBATIC SURFING, since these two do everything acrobats do, but on waves – SURFING! Starts off easy, couple of swings, but then, the show begins! We are talking LIFTING, throwing in the air, twisting – everything you could even imagine, without even being afraid of the ocean which can be severe! We are not really sure about the location, but, it`s not really important, if you know it let us know! For now, enjoy these surfing stunts!

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