This is by far one of the most extreme videos we have seen! Red Bull organized a Urban Downhill Mountain Bike Contest in Manizales, Colombia!  And we all know that when Red Bull decides to give us extremeness, they give us extremeness!!! But the reason this footage is different than all the others is because you have the chance to be in the rider`s point of view as he has a camera attached to his helmet! In this case, the rider is Marcelo Gutierrez who seems to have no fear at all!

However, you should get prepared because you will feel at least 50% of his experience! You will catch yourself several times as you close your eyes due to fear of hitting a wall or another obstacle! The way Marcelo Gutierrez handles the bike and shows his reflexes is stunning! For a moment, we thought we were playing a 1st person mountain bike contest video game, and to be honest, we were kicking butts!!! So, grab something to hold on to, and see what it looks like to be the one and only, the number one Downhill biker in this Colombian contest!!!

And if you want to see what mountain drifting looks like, follow this link!