Hello my dear fellow Gearheads. Today we have prepared one really special video clip for all those amongst you who love and enjoy watching a perfect demonstration of bike riding skills and technique. We have Chris “Teach” McNeil, filming a promotional video for the Twisted Throttle, equipped with one hell of a great BMW F800GS motorcycle. And if you are feeling up for a full throttle and totally insane bike ride, filled with adrenaline rush and suspense, then you are on the right track!

We have got to stress the fact that this awesome and powerful BMW F800GS bike is fully equipped, which does not make things easier when one is pulling all kinds of stunts, like doing a wheelie, donuts, jumps and so on. However, Chris “Teach” McNeil is also one hell of a rider, and he is handling it just perfect (well, almost), giving us the proper dose of entertainment, and demonstrating the capabilities of this powerful BMW monster on two wheels.

So just watch the video below and enjoy the following five minutes of a crazy bike ride! And if you want to read a full review about the BMW F800GS, and learn everything you want to know about it, go to this link.