If you did not know him by now, then it is most definitely time that you finally `meet him`, the Finish drift biker Juha Ruokolainen from Stunt-Freaks Team is one totally crazy biker who is ready to go out and do all kinds of crazy drifts and other stunts with his awesome Suzuki GSXR bike, with a 1 000cc engine that is giving an output to a 175 HP. And when I say `ready to do all kinds of crazy stuff` with his great ride, I do mean it.

This young fellow has drifted his bike on almost every possible place he could find, like on dangerous roads, on ice, on frozen lakes, you name it -- he has done it, or if not, he will very soon! He is a part of the wild Finish bike stunt crew called Stun-Freaks Team, and I think that the name itself speaks enough about what kind of guys we are talking about.

Today we have prepared you a video with Juha Ruokolainen, drifting his great Suzuki GSXR bike on a dirt road, somewhere in the Finish woodlands. He is hitting full throttle in sixth gear and the dirt and mud are flying everywhere. Really wild drifting video, I think that you are going to enjoy it.