GSX 1300 Suzuki vs Porsche 911 Switzer R 750 Race!

Another international race! Germany vs Japan! An automobile with 750 horsepower hiding under the hood vs motorcycle with slightly less than 200 horses below the seat! Who do you think is going to win? Looks like the Suzuki doesn`t stand a chance with the Porsche, but it is not giving up so easily! It parries the car during the entire race! And the numbers at the end show that this was not a one sided race, despite the huge dissimilarity in the power. The time difference isn`t even a second! However, we see a minor gap when it comes to speed, the automobile goes 8 mph faster at the end. But, let us cut the talk now. It is time to watch the amazing drag race video starring  GSX 1300 Suzuki vs Porsche 911 Switzer R750!

Anyway, check out this classic Porsche video!