Insane & Extreme Bike Drifting With Suzuki GSX-R 1000!

Prepare yourself very good for the following video that we are about to show you. All those who love watching great superbikes doing amazing stuff, you are about for a real treat, as this young fellow on the video is raising up the stakes for cool, extreme bike drifting with his awesome looking and powerful Suzuki GSX-R.

From what we could have found about him, this young fellow with unpronounceable name, Thibaut Nogues is a young French star who is competing in European Sportbike Freestyle, and he is suppose to be the youngest rider in unlimited class of superbikes. As you can see on the photo, his favorite weapon of choice is the awesome looking and very powerful Suzuki GSX-R. Unfortunately we could only find out that the bike is not stock, but pretty highly modified, and that is all.

But for enjoying the extreme bike drifting video, we really do not need any more, because the young French athlete is leaving his deeds instead of words and numbers to speak for him. The video bellow that you are about to see in a few seconds is the real proof of that. He literally looks like he can climb the Alps with it, Check it out!

Finally, check out this comparison of drifts between a car and bike!

Enjoy the video below!

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