A Boat In A Boat! Guys Loads Up Luxury Tender In SuperYacht!

When you`re rich enough to put a boat in your boat, you will throw a lot of money on their safety and security. That`s why the owner of this incredible SuperYacht paid a full crew of five skilled staffers to load up his luxury tender inside of his vessel. They take their time while doing it, I mean who would like to destroy a tiny boat that`s probably worth somewhere in the six figure department? They load up the little chase boat in its cradle with perfect precision, lift both of the rotors up and reel it inside the yacht.

Both the yacht and the little luxury tender are awesome and I can only imagine what the owner would use them both for. The little chase boat resembles one of those luxurious, wooden interior boats that James Bond uses in the awesome spy movies, so the staffers better be really careful if they don`t want a huge problem. A yacht with its own tender is something of a dream for most of us mere mortals out here. You`re passing by an island and you want to check it out? No need to drive the entire yacht there, just take some friends and hop in the little boat!

Finally, enjoy the view of NUMPTIA SuperYacht which is worth over $100 million USD.

Wow, five men just to recover a tender to the yacht. Well if you got the money to burn, then why not. Video by : youtube eSysman

Posted by Boat lifestyle on Thursday, April 6, 2017