This Is Why Regular Oil Change Is a MUST!

Most of us are aware do not take for granted the timely checks we have to do to our cars, such as regular oil change, filter change, replacement of brake pads and so on, but this car owner did not do anything about it. He made a huge mistake and did not make regular oil change for 90,000 miles! It is as bad and shocking as it sounds and you should NEVER do this to your car.

Regular Oil Change Must 2

In this short video, we can see how such oil that has not been changed for over 90,000 actually looked like. Be aware, some of you might find this video fairly disgusting. But the most interesting thing about this video is what actually made this owner to finally take his car to the mechanic.

He presumably avoided all the warning, such as the engine light check on the dash board or the strange sound such engine makes. We can see that the oil is so thick that it cannot be said that it is liquid anymore. When they try to change and pour it out from the plug, it would not drip and instead, small chunks of oil fall slowly. Moreover, when we check the engine bay itself, it is even more shocking. Pieces of thickened oil can be taken out with bare hands, and they do not behave like liquid at all. this is why regular oil change is one of the most important checks you must do to your car in order to avoid such disaster!

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What 90k Miles Without An Oil Change Looks Like

Spoiler alert: 90k miles without an oil change does not look good.Submitted by Dean Crooks

Posted by Car Throttle on Monday, September 11, 2017