It’s Not Meant To Look Like That! Watery Oil Coming Out Of Engine!

We stumbled upon a video which should be pretty strange by anyone`s standards. This guy decided to change the oil of his car, however, what came out of it is something he definitely didn`t expect. What came out is watery oil. Now, when there is water in the engine, the oil should still be milky because of the friction of the moving parts. Having said that, this is where conspiracy theories come into play. It could be that this guy just poured some water or antifreeze and decided to drain it immediately for entertaining purposes and make a joke. However, that doesn`t necessarily needs to be case.

For example, this can be a bad head gasket. This happens when the coolant reservoir begins emptying faster the usual like every four days or so. Because of that, the owner may have started adding a lot of water instead of coolant to save some money. If this is the case, the water is constantly being flushed into the oil from the broken head gasket delivering a watery oil. We think that it doesn`t need to be staged in order for this kind of a problem to appear. Nevertheless, the only guy who knows for certain is the mechanic in the video. What do you think? Staged or not?

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