This PUMP TRUCK Drift Fail Will Certainly Brighten Up Your DAY! HILARIOUS!

Drifting has always been and always will be fun to watch! Whether it`s with cars, trucks or pretty much any vehicle, it is always impressive. However, we have never seen a pump truck drift! Not only that, the guy in this video fails quite miserably! You normally associate pump trucks, or pallet jacks if you prefer, with moving pallets. We mean pallet jacks are not actually made to be driven around as an actual vehicle. Nevertheless, this didn`t stop these guys from trying to drift with the pallet jacks! Luckily, they filmed their mishaps and caught a great moment on camera.

Two guys are the stars in this video and both of them use pump trucks to drift. The first guy goes down a small slope and nicely drifts to a stop. However, the second guy isn`t that successful. He goes down the slope and his pump truck drift turns into an accident where he flies off the pallet jack! Luckily, he wasn`t hurt and the moment was caught on camera. Maybe this is the reason why many truck drivers complain that they take a lot of time to get pallets on and off of their truck. Anyways, press play on the video below and enjoy!

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